Hugs – A hug is like a bandage to a hurting wound. ~Author Unknown

My heart is heavy and sad.  My friend Jody has died.  Jody and I met while going through radiation together.  I wrote about her in an earlier blog Hair! and 13 to Go.  After radiation we stayed in touch.   We saw each other last spring.  I saw her again on Oct 13 at SCCA.   Jody had Inflammatory Breast Cancer.  She died on October 30th.  Somehow, I don’t have a picture of her or us.

Jody and I would probably have never met if we didn’t both have breast cancer.  We live about 60 miles apart.  I want to say “well that is one good thing about being diagnosed”  But, there really isn’t any good thing about cancer.  It sucks.  We only try to make good things come from the bad.  And this was one of the good things.

We were able to talk to each other in the way that only those who are going through what you are going through understand.  And… we hugged.  We hugged every time we saw each other in the radiation oncology waiting room.  We hugged again when we passed each other, one of us going in and one of us coming out, near the treatment rooms.   We texted hugs (not the same as a real hug but good in a pinch.)  when we were not near each other.

It is always great to meet a fellow hugger!  We hugged 5 days a week for 7 weeks.  We said so much to each other when we hugged.  We did the “port still in place” hug.  We did the “skin is burned from radiation ” hug.  But we always did the “so glad to see you”  hug.  Every time we hugged it felt ” like a bandage to a hurting wound.”

I am so glad to have met you my friend.  Your children will miss their mom.  Your parents will miss their daughter.  Your husband will miss his wife.  I will miss our conversations.   But most of all  I will so miss those Jody hugs.  Rest in peace my dear friend.  Hugs!

 A hug is the shortest distance between friends.  ~Author Unknown

A hug is two hearts wrapped in arms.  ~Author Unknown

12 thoughts on “Hugs – A hug is like a bandage to a hurting wound. ~Author Unknown

  1. Linda Pisano

    I am so sorry for your loss, Loretta. May the memory of all those wonderful hugs be a blessing to you.

  2. Veronica Bird

    I’m so sorry Loretta that you have lost your good friend. We bumped into you and a friend at Fort Ward one day. I’m getting the feeling that was her.

  3. Deanna Kaulay

    I’m so sorry Loretta and I’m so sorry for Jody’s family. Beautifully written tribute to a special person. Long distance hugs from me.

  4. daphne stewart

    Loretta dear, So very sorry that you have lost your friend – cancer really does Suck. So many losses for so many touched lives. Rejoice in the memories of all the hugs and how much they meant to you both.
    With love, daphne

  5. Teresa Fiorillo

    So very sorry for your loss, Loretta and very sorry for Jody’s family, too. You’re tribute to your special friend was heartfelt and beautifully written.

  6. Brenda

    Here’s a hug for you, Loretta. You and Jody were so blessed to have known
    each other. May she rest in peace.

    1. Janet

      Dear Loretta, just read this tribute about you and Jody’s “Hugs”. Brought tears to eyes. As her mother I find peace in knowing how these Hugs where given. As you mentioned only those going threw this ordeal truly understands, I tried hard during her treatments to understand and feel what she was feeling,….so I give Thanks to you for being her friend when she needed you and to our Lord that brought you two together. Always grateful, Janet

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