Hair! and 13 to go


My hair is growing like a weed.  These eyebrows are mine, all mine!!  No enhancements necessary.  I have lashes that are now long enough for mascara. People like to rub my head, like Buddha’s stomach.  I hope all their wishes come true.

I have 13 radiation treatments left.  20 completed.  Every fifth day of radiation I have x-rays.  These are taken and then reviewed by the radiation oncologist to be sure that what is being radiated should be radiated and what should not be radiated isn’t.  After the second set of x-rays I had an 8 mm adjustment.  I really don’t like x-ray day.  The position that I need to be put into for treatment is extraordinarily uncomfortable.  I have to stay in that position longer on x-ray day.  My arms ache like mad and my hands fall asleep.  Did I say how much I dislike x-ray day?  But, better safe than sorry.

I have become quite friendly with the woman who has radiation therapy before me. Her name is Jody and it is good to be able to talk to someone who is going through what I am going through.  We started radiation on the same day and we will finish on the same day.  The radiation techs think it is great when patients get to know each other and support each other.  Actually, the techs are pretty darn great themselves.

For the last four weeks, only one of  the two linear accelerators (radiation machine) has been in use as they are being updated.  This has resulted in extended hours at radiation oncology.   Starting Nov 6, both machines will be in use which will result in a different appointment time.  When the radiation techs redid the treatment schedule, they made sure that Jody and I have appointments adjacent to each other. It is their thoughtfulness (and their humor) that makes having to go to treatment every day that much easier.

6 thoughts on “Hair! and 13 to go

  1. Therese coad

    Before you know it you are going to need a pair of scissors to trim that hair! Your eyebrows look fab!!!!!!! Three cheers for being in the “back stretch” of radiation treatments!!!

  2. Jan

    Hurray! re: hair and own eyebrows and lashes. And Jody and thoughtful staff at SCCA. That kitchen IS beautiful! You compliment each other.

  3. Cindy Estep

    Love those brows!! And eyelashes are always nice to have. So proud of your endurance!! Can’t wait till I hear you declare that this war is over!!!! Whoop whoop!!!!

  4. Mary Cantow

    Proof that the inner you shines through! Your tresses are gorgeous! Your shining stars are in the sky!!!! Love you.

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