AAB Spinathon

Loretta and Team Loretta are at the Arms Around Bainbridge Spinathon where they helped to raise more than $16k!  They were hoping to raise $10k.  You can learn more about AAB here.  Team Loretta has awesome T-shirts featuring this blog’s logo art.  We’re so proud.  And proud of being part of this very worthwhile event.

Here are some of the team members:


And Loretta on one of the new bikes for the first time:


11 thoughts on “AAB Spinathon

  1. Beth

    What a beautiful and strong group with the most awesome t-shirts!!! Go Team LORETTAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

  2. Elizabeth Churchill

    Thanks, Scott! And it was great to see you in action today Loretta. Can I post these pics on the IF Facebook page?

  3. Mary Lynn Mounger

    I have to say that was the most fun I’ve had in spin class! I wish I would have signed up for more than an hour. Great energy, great group, really great cause.
    Hope you enjoyed the ride Loretta.

  4. Claire Spampinato

    Congrats team Loretta on raising so much money for a great cause! It is great to see my sister doing something she loves so much!

  5. Julie Richards

    Good job, everyone!

    I’m a little stiff this morning — I have never, ever in my life ridden a bike of any kind for three hours. But the money we raised and the entire afternoon on the sofa were well worth it!

    Loretta — you look great — keep on keepin’ on!

    Hugs to all!

  6. Deborah Breiland

    Loretta: It was great seeing you today, and meeting your daughter! I was on Team Jon Pettit, for the obvious reason that Ken was teaching! I should have joined both teams, and been there for two hours…it didn’t occur to me! You look amazing…the same Loretta we met 10 years ago at the Pavillion…so good to see you doing as well as you are.

  7. Fed

    I shuldn’t be asking this question about the T-shirts, but….why the large blog logo was not in the front of the T-shirt? ;-P

    Ok, you don’t have to answer……. 😀

    1. Scott Stanton Post author

      After careful consideration, we decided that the best place for the logo was on the back. It is pretty funny on the front but people wear these shirts in public….

      And when I say “people” I mean “me”. I wore mine today.

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