Arms Around Bainbridge

There is an organization here on Bainbridge Island called Arms Around Bainbridge.  Arms Around Bainbridge began in 2007 with seven friends, a thirty mile swim around Bainbridge Island, and one vision: to provide financial and emotional support to Olivia Carey as she battled ovarian cancer (Olivia was my friend and colleague.)  It immediately became apparent that Olivia’s challenges were not unique.  Since 2007, AAB has helped and supported other residents in financial crisis due to life-threatening illness.  Recently, cyclists, runners & rowers have joined to assist AAB in raising funds for current & future recipients.

On May 19, there will be a Spin-A-Thon  fundraiser at Island Fitness.  A group of friends/students/clients has put together a Team Loretta.  Please consider giving to this worthwhile organization. While I am not a AAB recipient, your donation will help serve more people who need help during the most difficult time of their lives.

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Arms Around Bainbridge

  1. Jackie

    Thank you so much for supporting Arms Around Bainbridge!

    As you have learned, this island is all about taking care of our neighbors. The current recipients of AAB have been through hell & back with their illness. Imagine if you had the additional stress of worrying about the cost of the treatment wiping you out financially or wondering HOW you’re going to afford basic living expenses.

    AAB is helping with mortgages, cobra payments, groceries, car maintenance – whatever it takes. In fact, last weekend, we organized a group to build 8 plant beds for one of our recipients. She wants to grow organic vegetables. And she’s going to share them with the other AAB recipients.

    So thank you for embracing AAB. Every time I walk past that red jacket in the club, I think about the legacy that Olivia left. Taking care of our neighbors.


  2. Katie Sweeney

    I’m looking forward to riding for Team Loretta! Since I’m dedicating my hour to you, send me any music requests or theme ideas…I’m sure you know there’s not much I won’t do.

    Thanks for supporting this incredible cause!!

  3. Julie Richards

    Go Team Loretta! We will… we will… ROCK YOU!!
    (And any chance to ride the new bikes works for me!)

  4. Pam

    I am proud to be a spin member of “Team Loretta” for Arms Around Bainbridge. Please donate to team Loretta. All donations are given in her name,

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