Treatment schedule update

Due to the recent, unforeseen events, my next round of chemo has been delayed one week.  While my stay in Paradise was great, it would be better not to have to go back for another stay.  The Powers That Be (really just the fabulous doctors and pharmacists) think the white cells and platelets will react the same way to the next three rounds of chemo.  In order to give all those cells a chance to redeem themselves, I am getting an additional week until the next chemo.

I was suppose to start the second cycle of AC on Monday, April 1.  I will now have that on Tuesday, April 9.  The cycles will then go back to every two weeks (and Mondays) until the weekly T begins.   The dose is going to be adjusted so that maybe the next time I won’t loose all my white cells.  I am kinda of partial to them.  I like my platelets and would like them to hang around, too.

I was given a white cell booster right after chemo.   It didn’t work as well as expected so we are going to change that protocol,  I will give myself the booster 24 hours after chemo.  I could post a picture so you can all share in the fun!

I will not post a picture of my port area as it is pretty ugly with some new bruising and not a lot of platelets to stop the madness.  I did send a picture to two of my sisters.  My sister Diana’s reaction was “I probably could’ve gone my whole life without seeing that photo.”  So you can all thank Diana for taking one for the team.  Well…. and Claire who saw the photo and Christine who got to witness it in real life.

Happy Easter/Happy Passover everyone!

7 thoughts on “Treatment schedule update

    1. Tom

      I am with Cynthia. More photos of the real stuff. Being married to a rehab nurse I got to see great photos of decubiti as well as her two of her ports. 🙂

  1. Mary Lynn Mounger

    Thanks for sparing us the photo. Doesn’t sound like anything you’d want to see before breakfast any way.

  2. Diane Peterson

    We could play a round of “who has the grossest pictures.” I have one of Don’s neck when he had MRSA and some video of me getting my leg stitched up in the jungles of Mexico:-)

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