Another Night In Paradise

Paradise is what Loretta has named her room here at the hospital.  It has a view of Lake Washington, mountains with snow, trees, birds, and the Surgery Pavilion.  People here are all concerned about how she is feeling and are at her beck and call.  She can order room service all day.  Free cable TV, Internet, and telephone.  In other words: Paradise.


We hang out all day doing nothing except the occasional vitals check or an antibiotic infusion.

She likes it so much she isn’t sure when she’ll go home.  Maybe Wednesday or more likely on Thursday.  Who knows? The rules say that she has to have a white blood cell number of 5 (at last check she was at .01) or at least moving in that direction and no fever for 24 hours.  She had one around 3pm today.

Other than being in Paradise,  she says she feels pretty good.  She also says thanks for all the well wishes.  I say the same thing.

8 thoughts on “Another Night In Paradise

  1. Mary Lynn Mounger

    A match made in heaven, look at how cute the two of you are after 25 plus years of marital bliss.
    Enjoy “Paradise”.

  2. Jan

    Today I ran into several people who are wishing Loretta and Scott lots of good Karma in Paradise: Daphane, Susan and Jerry Gunderson and Susan’s parents, Alice Gilbert Thomes and me, too! And Susan Anderson.

  3. Susan Gundersen

    One word: WTF???
    Or is that three words?
    CALL ME (or text or email) if you need dog walking, stupid movies on dvd, bucatini cacio e pepe, Seattle Chocolates truffle bars, cheesy romance novels, sensual massage, or in a pinch I could arrange your philately.

  4. Jenny

    There’s always a bright side……..although sometimes it’s a bit harder to see in Seattle. 🙂

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