Loretta has Cancer

Yup, it’s true.  This is a nightmare that we aren’t going to wake up from.  It is reality.  And it isn’t any fun. I wish Loretta didn’t have to go through this but she does. We both do.

Lots of people have cancer.  My father died from cancer.  My mother-in-law died from cancer.  But, we know lots of people who have had cancer but are still very much alive and doing great.  That’s the thing about cancer: there is no certainty.  You are never certain that you will get it.  If you have it, you are never certain if it will kill you or you will kill it.  If you do prevail, you always have that nagging doubt in the back of your mind that it might come back, that you didn’t get it all.  The only certainty is that when you die, the cancer will, once and for all, die, too.

So, from now on, we are living with cancer.  Even when Loretta is declared “cured”, she will always have that in the back of her mind.  It is a constant.  Learning to live with that is going to be most of the battle.  She has wonderful doctors who are going to “cure” her but she will always have that scar.

Scars are our reminders of things that hurt us once but that we survived.

3 thoughts on “Loretta has Cancer

  1. Claire Spampinato

    So sad that you have to go through this… but I know that you are such a strong woman that you will take this nasty thing called cancer by the horns both physically and emotionally and overcome it. Love you my dear sister!

  2. gretchen seifert

    You may live on an island, but you are not alone.
    Hundreds, thousands are pulling for you.
    xoxo Gretchen

  3. Jan

    Loretta, you are truly an amazing woman. Love your good humor and upfront (no pun intended) honesty about your feelings, your worries, your hope, your treatment and sequence of events and your creative blog. With the great support and love of family, friends, and, most of all, Scott, I have no doubt you will overcome this (very large) bump in life. (More cabbage rolls?)
    Much love,

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