Week Seven!


This is the start of week seven of radiation.  The final week!  I will have my last radiation treatment on Friday, Nov. 15.  The original date was Thursday, Nov 14 but I got Veterans day off as a holiday.  There are four bracelets left.

The first 28 days of radiation focused on lymph nodes that drain the breast:  the  axillary nodes in the armpit, the internal mammary lymph nodes behind the breast bone, and the medial supraclavicular nodes located just above the collar bone. There are three levels of axillary nodes:

Level I is the bottom level, below the lower edge of the pectoralis minor muscle. Level II is lying underneath the pectoralis minor muscle.  Level III is above the pectoralis minor muscle.

Since I had a Level II axillary dissection,  those level III nodes still needed some attention.  The last five days of radiation are known as the “Boost.”  Basically the boost is radiation concentrated in the area where the tumor was located.  I get that site radiated from four different angles.  Not everybody has the same radiation protocol so if you expect to have or are having radiation treatments, your protocol may be different than mine.

I get the “Do you have burns?” question a lot.  Yes I do.  My collar bone is pretty affected.  I have skin peeling on my rib cage where a bra strap would be and my under arm is very tender.  I have a picture of my collar bone but thought that might be TMI!  Those area should start to feel better in another week or so.

Hair update photos below:



I think this last one is weird.  You can see that my bedroom is still a construction zone.

8 thoughts on “Week Seven!

  1. Sue Drakulich

    So thrilled that you are almost done with treatment. Does this mean you can travel for Thanksgiving? That would be wonderful. Your hair is looking great.

  2. Liz Bryant

    YAY! Almost there! You did it. You are a strong, determined woman! Hair looks great. You have a perfect shaped head! Take care. Love you 🙂

  3. Eileen Black

    I still am so amazed by you Loretta! You are incredible..and we are all incredibly lucky to be a part of your life!!!!

  4. Deanna Kaulay

    Oh wow! Only four to go! I knew it ended before Thanksgiving but Friday is even better. Your hair is looking great.

    Such strength. Way to go Loretta!


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