Home From Surgery – Check that one off!

We finally got home (the ferry was very late of course but the one that we just missed was on time) and Loretta is resting on the chair (we have two, actually) and eating a snack.


All is good.  We need a good report from the pathologist (Monday or Tuesday next week) to be sure that the surgery was successful but the surgeon was very optimistic.


8 thoughts on “Home From Surgery – Check that one off!

  1. Alexa Rosenthal

    So good to see you home. Thinking of you all day . Roberta texted updates to me as Internet is spotty in Maine!
    I love this blog! Thank you for keeping it.
    Onward – hopefully you can see end to this treatment journey . A celebration awaits!

  2. Robin Gaphni

    Glad you are home and that this is behind you. Enjoy the weekend, and we all are hoping for a good pathology report next week. x,o

  3. Deanna Kaulay

    Yay! I was thinking about you all day. Hope you got my healing yoga vibes that I sent your way the night before 🙂

  4. Cyndie Yearous

    So glad you’re home and resting comfortably! I’ve been thinking of you all day here in Chicago. Hang tough!

  5. Jan

    Can’t believe how good you looked when you got home. Hurray that this chapter (verse?) is over.

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