Surgery Day Begins


Loretta is chillin while we wait for them to start the first procedure of the day.  They are going to insert a guide wire for the surgeon to follow as she takes the additional margin that they wanted.

She is in having it done now….


It’s a beautiful day in Seattle (it’s always like this – ask anyone) but we are looking forward to this day being over.

I will update the blog as things happen.

5 thoughts on “Surgery Day Begins

  1. Mary Lynn Mounger

    We’re sure this day won’t go quickly but know that all your friends are there in spirit and keeping you in their thoughts and prayers.

  2. Sue Drakulich

    You were on my mind all day. Hope all went well and this step of the journey is in the books!!!

  3. Jeannette

    The wires were very scary, but a great way to make sure the surgery is perfect. My breasts look totally normal one year later–yay! And one year cancer free–yay! Most oncologists agree, eat only hormone-free food

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