Chemonday No More

Yesterday was the first Monday in a long time that I didn’t have chemo.  It was great not going to chemo.  I do miss spending time with my various buddies.  They were all great and they will never know how much I appreciate the time they took going with me.

The weird thing about the last chemo is your brain says “Yay the last one.  I am done.”  But, your body still has all the same side effects (multiplied by the previous 15 infusions) it did the prior week.  These side effects will last several weeks.  Just in time for surgery!

I am scheduled for surgery on August 21.  Some additional (2mm) margins will be taken where the DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) was located.  The surgeon will do a touch up on the scar from the previous surgery.  And, she will remove my port!  I am so happy to have my port removed.  I have a real love/hate relationship with my port.  It has served me well but it is time for it to go.  Sometimes I think it wants to leave on its own.


So, I bid a fond adieu to my Bard, single septum, Power Port.

9 thoughts on “Chemonday No More

  1. Sue Drakulich

    I was thinking of you yesterday and how relived you must be NOT to have chemo. Things will only get better from here. Tell Scott, I tried to send him a pig, but they can’t ship it.

  2. Jan

    Hurrah for finishing this part. Hope you find another Bard because I, for one, would miss your epic poem about your epic journey to health. Hopefully, the new Bard won’t have to be implanted under your skin.

  3. Eileen Black

    I can’t be more happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here is to health..and saying good bye to those dang treatments! Ricardo is waiting to create your next style!

  4. Linda Pisano

    I second Eileen, here’s to good health! Many, many years of good health.
    I am so happy for you. Hope the surgery goes well and your recovery is quick and easy.

  5. Rosemary Shaw

    Hip-hip-hooray!!! I am so happy to hear you had your very last chemo. What a milestone, Loretta!


  6. hilary hilscher

    Hooray for you for sharing your journey, Loretta. Will be sending you good thoughts and much energy for tomorrow’s surgery.

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