Taxol – The Fourth Quarter

The fourth and final quarter of chemo as begun!  I have three Taxol treatments left.  I am sure you have all been waiting with bated breath to know if I am on or off “The List.”  While my name is on “The List, I am actually no longer on “The List.”  I saw the oncologist and he said I don’t need to be on “The List”.  So tomorrow I will contact the oncology nurse and have her officially remove me from “The List.”

Speaking of oncologists, after monthly visits, I don’t have to see him for three months.  We talked about the on going side effects, particularly the lovely mouth sores.  The way to really get rid of them is to delay chemo for a week.  Well he know I wouldn’t go for that.  I would rather deal with the mouth sores than prolong the chemo.  He did say to me “You know, I threw the kitchen sink at you.”  Well sometimes I feel like I was hit by a kitchen sink.


This is a picture of me when I was cold.   I love blankets out of the warmer.

photo (6)

I was still cold.  As you can see there is the cup of ice I chew to help with the mouth sores.  I don’t wrap my feet in ice anymore.  The baby toenails are goners no matter what.


I finally warmed up enough to remove some of the blankets.

photo (5)

Scott hanging in the chair.  Claire took these photos.  They were both with me for the day’s activities.


Me and my pole posing in front of my room.


Claire FaceTimed with Diana.  Gabrielle was my nurse for the day.  If you look closely in the upper left of the iPad, you can see my port being flushed.  Poor Diana, that was what she was watching while we were sticking out our tongues.  I have the best siblings in the world!

7 thoughts on “Taxol – The Fourth Quarter

  1. Cynthia

    Fourth quarter!!! Woohoooooo!! Can I award you MVP of this game when you’re done? You rock lady.

  2. Eileen Black

    I agree with Cynthia! You and your entire family really rock! You guys amaze me!

    Congratulations! Only 3 more rounds to go? Yay!!!

  3. Sue Drakulich

    The light is shining at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there. I am so amazed at your courage.

  4. Mary Lynn Mounger

    Looks like you not only have an amazing family but some pretty amazing nurses as well. We should not only celebrate the three treatments left but getting off that darn list!

  5. Pam

    Yay! Three left and you are almost home…what a trooper. “I can deal, let’s get it over!”
    You have a wonderful family and I thank them all.

  6. Mary

    What a LOVELY album this will make when you look back on all! One day you will smile at all this!

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