Tricks of the Trade – Seventh Taxol

One of the rarer side effects of Taxol is “nails changing color or becoming brittle.”  The oncology nurse told me that you could loose your nails with Taxol but not to worry about it unless they ooze.  Well… poor baby toenails are not what they use to be.  They have become the victims of Taxol.  They have oozed.

I chewed ice during the A/C treatments to stave off mouth sores.  I got mouth sores anyway but maybe they would have been worse without the ice.  I have mouth sores now and am once again chewing ice during chemo. To help alleviate the nail issues, the chemo nurse decided I should try icing my feet while having chemo.  The same principle applies to the toes as chewing ice does to the mouth.

It just so happens that biohazard bags are the perfect foot icing device.  There is a zip lock compartment that holds the ice and an outer pocket that is perfect for your toes.  So with ice on my toes and ice in my mouth and heated blankets on my body, I spent my infusion time cold and warm.  As with my mouth, I am not sure how much it helps but am worried that if I don’t ice, things could be worse.



6 thoughts on “Tricks of the Trade – Seventh Taxol

  1. Deanna Kaulay

    Poor toenails. Harry could use your pic in his Haz-Mat Magazeen, though. Just joking.

  2. Tina

    So sorry to hear about your poor oozy pinkies. We’re sending you lots and lots of wishes for healing and stamina for this last phase. You are almost there!
    Tina and Jim

  3. Doug Crosby

    Hey Loretta, we have two friends that went through the months of hell you are enduring…as you well know it was tough but they are doing great and have done so for years. Your good days are coming girl!!
    Doug and Carol

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