T-Ville catch up

I have been a bit lax in my posts this past week.  Last Monday Roberta was my chemo buddy.  We went furniture shopping beforehand at Kasala.  I actually found the couches, chairs and ottoman for the new house.  It was the fastest furniture choice ever!  Scott and I went there on Wednesday for him to do the “butt test.”  They passed the test!

My sister Diana is visiting for two weeks.  Her sister-in-law, Sue, visited this weekend from Pasco, Wa.  We had a good time.  We met Sue in Seattle.  After going back to Kasala to order the furniture, we toured Pike Place Market.  We spent the rest of the weekend on Bainbridge walking around town and hanging out.  We cooked some great dinners and enjoyed each others company.

The photo on the left is Cathy, my chemo nurse, and me.  The photo on the right is me and Roberta.  I am so lucky to have great nurses and great friends.


2 thoughts on “T-Ville catch up

  1. Elizabeth Churchill

    A good chemo buddy is absolutely indispensible, and can make all the difference in the world. Yay Roberta!

  2. Mary Lynn Mounger

    Joke time for me,
    Why did the cowboy buy a wiener dog?
    Some one told him to” get a long little doggy”.

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