T Off

Cancer knows no holidays.  Even, somewhat ironically, Memorial Day.  So here we are doing the T thing, round 2 of twelve.

One of the good things about SCCA is that it is near REI.  So we went there first and got some stuff we needed.  Everyone else was there, too.

Then lunch at a funky place called The Lunchbox Experiment.  Essentially a burger joint with a bar, spiked milkshakes and experimental menu items that change every week.  This week’s theme was Arrested Development.

Loretta liked it so much she got it all over her sweater.  She’s so delicate.


Now she’s getting the drugs.

We are hopeful that the T will be easier.  Everyone says it should be and the last round seemed to bear that out.

Fingers crossed.

4 thoughts on “T Off

  1. Mary Lynn Mounger

    What an incredible attitude you have not to mention that winning smile!
    Why would you eat french fries with ketchup and wear a white top? Just asking. Those spiked milk shakes sound yummy.

  2. Deanna Kaulay

    You know how much I love burgers! Oh yummo! And I ALWAYS seem to wear white when I’m eating something with ketchup or BBQ sauce or spaghetti. I have a reputation for wearing my food. Looks geat on you 🙂


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