The night before

Ahhh, the night before chemo.  The creeping anxiety of knowing what is to come the next day.  The love /hate relationship with the drugs (and radiation when the time comes) that make me feel bad but will ultimately keep me healthy.  I call them “insurance.”   My take on this whole cancer thing is that I am cancer free.  It was all removed during surgery.  The chemo and radiation are just “insurance” to a long and healthy life.   So while there is the creeping anxiety, there is also the certainty of that long and healthy life that comes with each chemo and radiation treatment.

3 thoughts on “The night before

  1. Elizabeth Churchill

    I share your creeping anxiety vicariously. (And admire your attitude: they had to forcefully drag me into the chemo room every time, kicking and screaming and threatening to throw up all over anybody or anything that came near me. When I went to have copies of my medical records made, I discovered they had stamped “BIG EFFING BABY” in giant red letters across the front of my charts.) Let the good times roll.

  2. Deanna Kaulay

    You’re so brave Loretta. I can’t imagine anyone “looking forward” to chemo, other than with the attitude you have. How many bracelets in the basket by now?


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