The Lorettatron 5000

Introducing the Lorettatron 5000, the latest and greatest Loretta What-If engine ever conceived.

To see the Lorettatron 5000 go here:  There is also a link in the menu of this blog so you can get there whenever you feel like taking a spin in the Lorettatron 5000.

It contains a big file so it might take a while for it to open.  Be patient.  I hope you enjoy it.  I certainly enjoyed* making it.

There is a help link in the lower right corner if you need some pointers.  Click “Reconfigure” to get it started.

Let us know what you think.


*I busted out laughing several times while making this.  Maybe I’m just not very stable.

11 thoughts on “The Lorettatron 5000

  1. Mary Lynn Mounger

    Scott, that was brilliant and very funny!
    Enjoy your beautiful daughter while she’s here.

  2. Fed

    Follow the white rabbit…..

    Is the question thatdrive us….

  3. Pam

    Very cool…I like the room at Versaille, wearing the crown and the ski goggles and leather jacket!
    So glad Fiona is coming home.

  4. Deanna Kaulay

    Even though it’s trite & overused – LOL! That was so clever & fun. Both of you are amazing. Enjoy your time with the beautiful Fiona.

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