Loretta’s Last AC Cycle

Hello Fellow Loretta Fans!

Loretta had her last AC chemo infusion on Monday, 6 May.  The effects of the four rounds are cumulative so this latest cycle is the worst (assuming you discount the whole going to the hospital due to life-threatening neutropenia).  The last couple of days were the worst for her.  She doesn’t have any energy and tasks that used to be easy are draining.  The good news is that historically she starts to feel better starting on day 5 (today) and gets better each day after that.  And she is starting to feel better.

The good (great!) news is that she is done with the AC.  The not-so-good is that she still has a long road with the “T” rounds starting in a little more than a week.  We don’t know how she’ll fair with that set of drugs.  It’ll be faster cycles, too, since she will get an infusion every week.  Then it’s more surgery and radiation.  One day at a time…..

There are a couple of things that amaze me about this whole process:

  1. She is incredibly strong emotionally.  She has her moments when things seem a little too tough but those moments are few and far between and pass quickly.  I’ve known her for more than thirty three years and I’m still amazed at her ability to exude grace and dignity.
  2. Her web of friends and family are an incredible resource for her.  So many people – even people she has never personally met – are helping her through this.  She (we) are truly blessed to have such a wonderful group of people behind her.  I can feel comfortable going to Seattle every day knowing that you are all out there ready to help.

Her brother was here the last week (thanks Ed!) and our daughter is here starting tomorrow for two weeks.  And many of you are here at a moment’s notice.  We really couldn’t ask for more.

Thank you all.

As a little tribute to Loretta and to celebrate the end of the third phase of her treatment, I’ve been working on a little project which I will introduce in another post.  I hope you all like it.


3 thoughts on “Loretta’s Last AC Cycle

  1. Marilyn McLauchlan

    Apparently no news reaches Surprise, Az unless concerning the NRA, the tea party , or how wonderful the weather is compared to somewhere in Wisconsin.
    I only now learned of your battle and feel
    deeply ashamed I’ve been so uninformed I will be back on the island full time again in the fall of 2014 –from whence I shall never roam. There truly is no place like home nor friends like old friends
    Loretta, there is no one like you. For years you were my mentor at the gym and laughing friend; the laughing was great for the abs as well. I cannot imagine you unwell and will not try. I am praying for you and sending as much energy to you as I can.
    All my love to you and Scott, Jan and kids

  2. Eileen Black

    Scott & Loretta!! You two are so amazing! You both never cease to amaze and inspire me day by day!!!

  3. Ellin Spenser

    Scott and Loretta,
    You are such an inspiration…both of you. It’s pretty *****that you have to go through this at all, but also pretty wonderful that you have each other and such grace and humor. I love you guys!

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