Are we crazy?

Scott and I were just hanging out around between chemo sessions and thought “What more can we add to our lives.  Why, let’s buy a house, update it and move in at the end of July”.  So we did.  We bought a townhouse/condo in Harbor Square with the most amazing view of Mt Rainier, Eagle Harbor, and the Puget Sound.

It is an end unit with loads of beautiful light.  We love living at Harbor Square and were thrilled when this unit came on the market on Wednesday.  We made an offer on Thursday and signed the papers on Friday.  Are we a little bit crazy, probably.  But, we didn’t want to miss this opportunity to live in an ideal location with a fabulous view.


24 thoughts on “Are we crazy?

  1. Sue Drakulich (Diana's sister-in-law)

    That is so exciting. Is it still on the island? It has a beautiful view. Congratulations!!

    1. Scott

      I’ll take that as a complement on my Photoshop skills. You’ll see more shortly…. (Photoshop skills, not fake mountain pictures, which this is not.)

  2. Deanna Kaulay

    Yay! You’ll love it. Our first rental house on the Island was located on Eagle Harbor with Mt Rainier smack dab in the middle of our living room & bedroom windows. Every day was a surprise. Yay!

  3. sue entress

    Congratulations! Let me know if you need any help! I seem to remember how much you love to stand around and order me to lift heavy things over and over again until I drop from exhaustion. This time I won’t have to pay you for the privilege 🙂

  4. Ln #5

    Really good crazy. Congratulations. And lucky us for getting to make sure you are moored here!

  5. Rosemary Shaw

    Loretta and Scott,
    I am so happy for you! The view looks amazing. Let me know how I can help pack up or unpack boxes!

  6. Scott

    And, for those of you who may not live on The Island, yes, the weather is always like this.


  7. Jan

    That’s my kids! Crazy! What a gorgeous view for a gorgeous couple! Soon you two will have a couch big enough for both of you and maybe Fiona or David or Rachel as well. Twixt, too!

    Congratulations on a wonderful choice.


  8. Nancy Coates Greenwood

    Loretta —

    Wow….just wasting some time on FB and came across your post which BLEW ME AWAY. Life spins on a dime. You obviously have an amazing support group and bunch of friends out there on the other coast — and might I say, that you do the bald thing very well. Seriously. Take care, rest and recover so you can get back to teaching !!!!


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