Support Groups

I get a lot of feedback about how much people appreciate the blog.  They look forward to the next post.  The blog makes them feel connected to me.  Well, I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read all the posts.  To those that feel comfortable commenting, your thoughts are appreciated more than I can say.  To those that don’t comment, I  know you are out there sending me good karma, prayers, etc.  I want you to know how much all your thoughts and words mean to me.

There are days that I don’t post because I feel like I would bore you to tears with the details of my ordinary life.  I have tried to keep my thoughts positive because that is really how I feel most of the time.   Just to let you know, I do have moments of deep emotional anguish.  Writing the blog helps me get through some of these moments.  I am more comfortable writing them out then talking about them over and over and over….  I am a “feel it and deal with it” kind of person.

I know there are a lot of cancer support groups out there.  Right now I don’t feel like I need them.  I am so fortunate to have a husband to pull me off the ceiling when I get myself in a tizzy; to have amazing siblings who have started taking turns to come and help me; to have the best friends that feed my body and soul and send me the most amazing gifts.

So, thank you for indulging me and being my support group.

9 thoughts on “Support Groups

  1. Cynthia

    I wanna know the boring details!! 🙂

    Thank you for posting and sharing. I HATE being so far away and it’s selfish but this blog helps ME 🙂

    You are a amazing. <3

  2. Mary Lynn Mounger

    You are truly and amazing woman. Thank you for sharing such a private time in your life with the world. I’m grateful to call you my friend.

  3. Deanna Kaulay

    I say do whatever floats your boat. No one knows you better than you do. Your posts give a lot of comfort to your many friends & close relations. And in the words of Mr. Rogers, “I like you just the way you are.”

    I’m here 24/8.

  4. Christine

    LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! No words to describe how happy and privileged I feel to be here!!! Little did you know that I need you as much or more than you need me!!! CARPÉ DIEM!!! 😀

  5. Eileen Black

    Wow!!! You two (Loretta, especially you) are incredible!!!!! This too shall pass…and I cant wait for the healing to start ..& to be all finished with your health being all better!

  6. Kristin Breslin

    I hate that you have this blog but I love you… know what I mean? I do read daily, and I do send daily thoughts to you and to Scott. I was watching and listening to the haircut video, and I was watching Scott help you over this hurdle. You are so lucky (I don’t need to remind you) to have such a rock to be your anchor when you lose your footing. It is okay, too, to scream.

    I love you guys.

  7. Pam

    Of course you have times of deep anguish…I do too for you. It has always been your positive mind and gentle ways that have drawn me to you. Your friendship has been important to me and now is the time for some payback. Sometimes I am quite but, I am here daily. I send you love, positive encouragement and positive thoughts and prayers all the time.

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