I’m Conflicted: Sans Cheveux ou Avec

Late last night Loretta decided that it was time to go sans cheveux*.  So, using a shaver for the first time, we buzzed through it.  She tried a couple of passes and I finished it off.  I hope this is the last big emotional hurdle in this set of chemo.  This morning we made it a lot better with my electric shaver.  Now she has a relatively smooth scalp.

I’m conflicted because she looks really great without hair and really great with hair.  She could easily pull this off as a style choice.  I think maybe 1/4″ of hair (when it comes back) would be a really great look.  (And cheap to maintain – a real bonus.)  I guess it was to be expected – she’s a beautiful person.

Here’s a little video of how it went.  It only took a little longer to do than this video takes to watch.

*This is French for “without cheveux” which might be “no rabbit” for all I know.  My French is limited to fries and dressing.

26 thoughts on “I’m Conflicted: Sans Cheveux ou Avec

  1. Jan

    Loretta looks beautiful! And you are so right, Scott – with or without. A note: I knew you two were fast at all things you do, but this hairshave was REALLY fast! And the music – did you listen to it while you shaved? Did you use the GoPro camera to make the video? And, Loretta, do YOU like it? That’s important, too. And, does one wash one’s head when the face is washed each day?

  2. Elizabeth Churchill

    Dazzling! You’ll have days when you look like Nefertiti and days when you’ll look like Uncle Fester. Embrace them all. Because all that hair lying uselessly on floor? It’s doing the exact same thing the cancer cells are doing. xoxoxo

  3. Tim

    That’s a really great video Scott! You wear that look so well Loretta (and doesn’t it feel good when you rub your head!! )

  4. Rose Ann

    Looking good Loretta!!! But I am a little troubled that you have a video camera in your bathroom!!??

  5. Deanna Kaulay

    Great video. Great look. You ROCK it Wonder Woman. From your Gal Pal Xena. PS – Like the shirt 🙂

  6. Linda

    Scott’s right – you are beautiful!! That smile and those big brown eyes are now even more awesome.

  7. Cindy Mae Estep Lawrence

    Gorgeous!!! And that smile radiates! Oh wait, that comes later….
    Love the attitude you both are exhibiting and the power and strength! Cancer is on the run!!

  8. Tamara

    I knew she would be so pretty even without hair!!! You are an awesome partner in all this, Scott!

  9. Mary Lynn Mounger

    Scott you missed your calling. I bet Chuck the barber would give you some part time work. Loretta you not only a beautiful smile and eyes but a beautiful shaped head.

  10. Carter

    Bravo!! Vous avez l’air fabuleux! (You look fabulous!)

    You’re a real inspiration, Loretta! Hope you are feeling as good as you look!

  11. Stephanie Jackson

    Thank you for sharing your journey and strength. You inspire us all to keep on smiling and get back up again!!!

  12. Cynthia

    If you make this a new trend I’ll love you more than I already do ;). To not have to wash, condition, blow dry, style, color, and cut would be lovely 😉

    You rock the look btw 😉

  13. Darcy

    Awwww….Scott’s comment made me cry (about you being beautiful). And I have a tattoo of what your shirt has on it..on my foot…I will show you next week…and I love you…and you are beautiful…you know your hair is going to come in super curly, right?

  14. Fed

    “You look 20 years younger with your new hair-cut!”
    I’m really surprised nobody has posted such a classic! This is a MUST SAY from any man to a woman after a hair-cut!

    (Maybe Scott has kept with this mandatory task and have used this line provately).

    Besides kidding, Loretta you look younger without those grey haie….oooooppppsssss……. :-DDDDD

    Ok, ok…..I’ll stop kidding.

    You.DO look very nice: it is not the hair that makesb you younger, but the. ALWAYS smiling face.

    Love, Fed.

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