Hair today, gone tomorrow?

One of the side effects of chemo is hair loss.  All hair.  Not just the hair on the top of your head but eyebrows, eyelashes, underarm hair, leg hair and any other place that hair grows, including inside your nose.  Soon I will be smooth as silk.  Unfortunately my head will be cold.  So I have purchased and received as gifts, some hats.  I have modeled them in the pictures below.  I bought the straw one, my sister Christine bought me the red/orange hat and my friend Susan gave me the white floppy one.

I think I probably have four or five days left of my hair.  I am not really looking forward to it falling out but it is going to happen and so I have come up with a list of positives:

1. No more worrying about what kind of shampoo to buy.  Curly hair, straight hair,thickening,,,,,,

2. No more hair products.  Is it a spiker gel day or a soft curl day?

3. No more bad hair days.  It will always be the same length.

4. No more shaving.  Smooth legs and pits.

5. No more mascara decisions.  Waterproof, soft black, black black…..

6.  No more eyebrow plucking.  My friend Roberta bought me an eyebrow kit to recreate mine when they disappear.  While I am officially a “petite arch,” I could create all kinds of eyebrows.  Freida Kahlo, Albert Einstein, Joan Crawford…

7. No more bed head.  My family won’t compare me to Andrew Jackson on the 20 dollar bill anymore.

I will shave my head at some point.  I don’t know when that will be but will know when it should happen.   Scott will probably be my barber.  Unless I am very brave and do it myself.wpid-20130402_192212.jpg



19 thoughts on “Hair today, gone tomorrow?

  1. Linda Pisano

    My mom went through chemo twice, lost the hair on her head but never lost her eye brows or lashes.
    I like the orange and red floppy on you. Scarves are also a great alternative and look really beautiful. With your beautiful smile you’ll look amazing no matter how you decide to keep your head warm.

  2. Cindy Lovell

    Loretta, My Girlfriend Went Through This A Couple Of Years Ago And She Wore Scarves that Had Long Blonde Hair Attatched And You Couldn’t Tell That It Wasn’ Her Own Hair. You’ll Look Great With Or Without A Scarf Or Hat! I Love You Attitude!

  3. Deanna Kaulay

    You’re beautiful no matter what. You are Wonder Woman (just a bad ass bald one).


  4. Elizabeth Churchill

    I was surprised at how much courage it took at first to go out in public stark raving bald. But I came to love the feeling of a breeze on my bare shiny scalp, and now I even miss it sometimes. I do not, however, ever miss the lack of nose hairs. I’d always just taken those for granted, not realizing that without them all kinds of random objects would eventually disappear up into the hollow pit of my raw nostrils, never to bee seen again. Missing a sock, where’s my toothbrush, has anybody seen the dog? GAAAAH! Why the heck don’t they make nostril wigs??

  5. Darcy

    You know I have one or two will have to come over and check out my collection and pick some out to wear. Not all of them are goofy!

  6. Julie Richards

    Oh Elizabeth! Don’t get us going on wig locations…..! Just let us know what to do when she gets the incredible itchies when it all starts coming back in….we could call it a “grow-back attack”

  7. Jan

    Who would have thought boobooboob blog entries and comments could be so funny! I love your list, too, Loretta.

  8. Mary Lynn Mounger

    Think how much money you’ll save on all of those products. You know what a package of razor blades cost these days? You might need to invest in more sun screen though.
    The true test will be if you really lose the upper lip mustache.
    You will look beautiful because you are inside as well as out.

  9. Diane Peterson

    Please please can Scott shave some designs on your head like the rappers?? That would be awesome. Also I have lots of fake eyelashes you can use. Even the bright green ones from Rocky Horror.

    1. Scott

      Would it be the same if I shaved her head to look like a wrapper?

      I was thinking something simple like an approximation of male pattern baldness. Think of the fun we could have with a picture of her like that.

      We will have to do a Mohawk. That is gonna happen for sure. I’m worried that by the time we get around to it, there won’t be anything to shave. It’s going to come out all by itself.

      I’m afraid that one big sneeze and it’ll be all over. Literally.

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