There is no place like home

We just got the word that Loretta will be released from Paradise this afternoon.  Her blood numbers have all gone in the right direction with the neutrophils at 1000 early this morning.  The good news is that she has responded beautifully to the antibiotics they administered.  The bad news is that this is likely to happen in the future.  She has three more sessions like this and no expectation that she won’t have to do this each time.  The oncologist might have some tricks up his sleeve to help prevent or limit the affects so we are still hopeful that we will not have to do this every time. Paradise is nice but it isn’t like home.  There is no place like home.

So, with ruby slippers* and an odd assortment of companions, this Dorthy is headed home tonight.

*She doesn’t actually have ruby slippers – I mean, who does these days, not even the Pope!  Instead she has some heather green Eco-Steps and some nuclear-yellow sneakers that will do the trick.

7 thoughts on “There is no place like home

  1. Deanna Kaulay

    Yay. And I do have some ruby slippers. They worked for me. Want to borrow them? 🙂

  2. Mary Lynn Mounger

    I’m pretty sure I saw those ruby slippers one Christmas. This is great news and welcome back to the “Rock”, your own bed, and a slightly larger version of Toto.

  3. Sue Drakulich (Diana's sister-in-law)

    Happy everything is moving in the right direction. How wonderful that you will be home for Easter. Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring you those “Ruby Slippers”!!

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