They’re Coming Back!!!

Yes it is true.  They are finally returning.  Those white cells -neutrophils-(read about ’em here) and platelets (read about ’em here) are coming back.    I was admitted to the hospital because my neutrophils were 10 (normal range is 1500-8000) and I had a fever.  The fever indicated that I had an infection.  I also have low platelets.  Mine were 35,000 (normal range is 150,000-450,000) when I was admitted.  I was started on IV antibiotics every 8 hours to fight the infection.

I am happy to say that my neutrophils are now 220 and my platelets are 49,000.  I  have been fever free for more than 24 hours.  This means that I may get to go home soon.  Maybe late tomorrow afternoon…….

I just want everyone to know that I don’t feel bad and as you can see from photos, I still have hair.   I am not bored because I read and walk the halls.  I even get to write how much I pee on the white board.  Scott goes home every night because sleeping in this chair is not an option.


11 thoughts on “They’re Coming Back!!!

  1. Darcy

    Glad they’re coming back…tell them not to leave again! Funny pic of Scott! Glad you have tracking projects to keep you busy! Love you!

    1. Tamara

      go go neutrophils and platelets!!!!! the human body is amazing and yours in particular is strong all the way to its molecular core. You go, girl! love you!
      PS if the maternity ward is empty, Scott should lay claim on one of their Lazboys!

  2. Elizabeth Churchill

    I think the secret purpose of the white board is really to monitor whether you’re feeling well enough to draw funny pictures and scribble bad puns or not. And welcome back to the hematologic armies: fight fight fight, go team go, etc. xoxoxo

  3. Claire Spampinato

    Yay! for a come back!
    I see in the picture that Christine must have arrived. She doesn’t leave home without her art supplies.

  4. Jan

    Scott, you said you were 12 and I believe it from looking at that photo! That must be a little kiddies toy chair! Very funny photo. So glad all Loretta’s difficult-to-pronounce and badly behaved cells are starting to behave themselves. Hi to Christine!

  5. Diane Peterson

    Miss a couple of days of blog watching and all hell breaks loose. Roberta gave me the heads up. Glad the cells are back up and you get to come home. Sorry you have to leave the view, the cable, the unlimited menu ordering. I’ll keep better tabs from now on:-) xxoo dp

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