Scott’s Birthday

Today, March 22, is Scott’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Scott!  I love you!  Thanks for taking such good care of me.  You are the best!

13 thoughts on “Scott’s Birthday

  1. Mary Lynn Mounger

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Scott, Happy Birthday to you! It is all about you today right? My birthday was Wednesday and it was filled with family, sunshine, and carrot cake. Hope all you wishes come true.

  2. Veronica Bird

    Why was there no food left after the Monster’s Birthday Party?

    Everyone was a goblin

    Happy Birthday Scott?

  3. Pam

    Sandi and Pam wish Scott a very Happy Birthday….you are a “Wonderman”.
    Happy Birthday Mary Lynn!

  4. Christine

    Happy Bday Scott! I think you are the best too!! LOVE YOU!!! Bet you can’t wait to have my shining face around soon!!!! I’ll try to pick up some more stimulating reading for you to read aloud to Rett and I!!! Hehehe!!! 😀

  5. Beth

    Happiest beautiful Birthday wishes Scott! I have a feeling one of your most favorites gifts is sitting next to you right now!

    1. Scott

      You are exactly right. The only thing I wanted for my birthday this year was for Loretta to have a good day. And she did! She yawned a little and the bruising from the port placement started turning those crazy yellow-green-ugly colors that all really good bruises do but she felt okay. Which is good on the current scale.

      Thanks for all the birthday wishes.

  6. Mary Lynn Mounger

    I forgot to ask Loretta how many yawns it takes to make a birthday cake? I’m sure it was yummy.

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