First bracelet removed!

Yesterday was a long, long day.  But yet again, I can’t say enough about every person we encountered at SCCA.  From my nurse for the port placement, to the MUGA scan tech, to the chemo nurse, everyone was kind and patient and informative.  SCCA personnel try to make your experience there as painless (physically and emotionally) as possible.

The port is pretty ugly right now due to bruising.  I find bruising to be fascinating in terms of how and where things bruise.  Of course, it is more fascinating when it is not on your own body.  Also, this is one time that being in shape without a lot of fat is not ideal.  Since the port sits in subcutaneous tissue it is better to have more fat and less muscle – in this case only!  And it is not a reason to maintain more fat and less muscle!   But at least I have the port so I don’t have to be stuck so many times!

Today I was very tired but managed to walk to and from PT.  About one mile round trip!  Wow!  I then rested the rest of the day and am still resting as I write.  Had a very yummy dinner delivered.  I am hoping to have a lot more energy tomorrow!

I took eight bracelets with me yesterday.  This first round of chemo will last eight weeks.  I put them on while having chemo.  When we got home, I took the first one off!  I put it in a basket that holds the good thoughts and wishes papers from the FOL get together.  Only 52 more to go!

4 thoughts on “First bracelet removed!

  1. Mary Lynn Mounger

    Loretta, It must b nice to be counting down. Congrats on #1 How is that pinched nerve coming along?
    Sweet Dreams.

  2. Elizabeth Churchill

    For a second there I thought you said you were very tired but managed to walk to Port Townsend. And I just shrugged and thought well yeah, it’s Loretta. Of course she did. xoxoxo

  3. Trude Lisagor

    Dear Loretta,
    I went to the gym for the first time in awhile yesterday. I missed having Rosemary and you upstairs and Diane told me about your current challenge. Mike and I are both thinking of you and sending you our most positive vibes! Diane said you’d like a joke sent, so here goes:

    A distraught woman goes to her gynecologist. When the doctor asks her what is wrong, she says, “Remember the hormones you gave me? Well, look what happened!”

    She unbuttons her blouse and reveals her chest, completely covered with hair. The doctor is aghast. He says, “I’ve never seen anything like this. How far down does it go?”

    She says, “All the way down to my penis! And that’s the other thing we have to talk about!”

    Sending love,
    Trude & Mike

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