Honey, does this shirt make my drain look big?

Asking your spouse if any article of clothing makes anything on your body look big is just a no win situation.   It is sort of unfair to put your spouse in the precarious position of having to answer such a loaded question.  You can see the fear in their eyes, “Oh God, not this question….anything but the “does this make my _____ look big”  question.  Today I had the unique opportunity to ask Scott, “Hey does this shirt make my drain look big?”

I have a drain that comes from the depths of my chest and out through my arm pit.  It is a lovely bit of tubing that ends in a bulb like thing that keeps the swelling down.  It then attaches to the “Oh so sexy” bra that I got after surgery.  There is a velcro loop that keeps the bulb from swinging around and pulling the tubing out.  I don’t think that they sell these at Victoria’s Secret. I have to keep the drain in until there is less than 30 cc output in two consecutive 24 hour periods.

Anyway, we were going for a walk (yes I ventured out!) and before we left I asked the loaded question any women would ask “Honey does this shirt make my drain look big?”  Scott looked at me, stared fear in the face and without skipping a beat said “What drain?”    Gotta love a guy who makes you feel beautiful!

8 thoughts on “Honey, does this shirt make my drain look big?

    1. gretchen seifert

      Loretta and Scott, you have really made us laugh!* Tom sends his best wishes to Nurse Scott.
      You will continue to get some ‘strange’ questions he says; just keep on responding the way you
      have been; definitely smart! Although my Dx wasn’t as scary, Tom did have to change awful dressings
      and take care of abd drainage tube for me last fall, so he is identifying with you, Scott, while I certainly relate to your drain, Loretta.

      Love and courage to you both,
      Gretchen and Tom
      *Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

  1. Eileen Black

    If that isn’t true love, I sure don’t know what it is! Scott and Loretta – you are truly an inspiration for us all! 🙂


    Actually you may have hit on something!!! A new business. Victoria Secret apparel for patient recovery!!!!
    Aunt M

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