Funniest Moment From the Last Two Days

I think it is important to find the humor in situations – all situations – because if you aren’t laughing you might be crying.  And laughing, I have been told, is a great work out so if I’m going to get any exercise I might as well enjoy it, too.  So, I look for the funny things.  Like this:

Our good friend Eileen offered to take care of Twix (our dog) while we were playing at the hospital.  Twix is a city dog now which means that everything she does outside is on a leash attached to a human.  She has to go outside several times a day so she can “do her business”.  Eileen did a stellar job of taking her out twice during the day, as we requested.  We would be home to feed her and take care of her the rest of the night.

Well, it didn’t turn out that way.  I arranged for my son and his wife to come over feed and spend the night with the dog while Loretta and I enjoyed a night in Seattle.  Eileen didn’t get that message.  This was totally my fault – I thought she knew she was released from dog duty when the two walks were completed.

The next morning (early because Eileen is like that) Eileen read on this very blog that we were spending the night.  She immediately panicked and thought that she had abandoned the dog and expected the dog to have made a mess of the place.  So she rushed over with cleaning supplies (because she is like that) to save the dog.  When she opened the door to our place the dog was right there to great her.  This is normally bad because we prevent the dog from getting to the front door with a gate that Eileen thought she had forgotten to put up.  She put Twix on a leash and took her out for the morning business meetings.

Meanwhile, immediately above the front door, David (our son) wakes up thinking he heard the door open.  He heard the sound of the dog (tags tinkling as she ran) go down the stairs.  Soon, he could hear the faint sound of the dog outside moving away from the house.

Rachel (his wife) wakes up and asks what is going on.  “I think someone just stole the dog,” he said as he was looking out the window, seeing nothing.

“Don’t worry about it.  Whoever stole her will realize what a pain she is and bring her back,” replied Rachel.  They both went back to sleep.

After the dog did her thing Eileen was starting to take her on a little stroll when she realized that she had forgotten to lock the door so she hurried back to our house.  When she got there, she noticed that there were shoes on the steps heading up stairs so she knew there must be someone there.  She backed out of the house, locked the door and left.

The dog, fresh from a walk and now probably hungry for breakfast, goes into the room where David and Rachel are and wakes them up.  “See, I told you they would bring her back.”

6 thoughts on “Funniest Moment From the Last Two Days

  1. Suzanne Fisher

    Oh my goodness! My oh so responsible daughter neglected to charge out the door and tackle the person stealing Twix! I am going to have to speak to her about this:) So funny but I am very glad Twix is well. Naughty Rachel:)

    1. Christine

      I needed that…SO FUNNY!!!! Guess that’s the laid back PNW attitude for ya!!! In September I was so impressed with how dog friendly BI is I could have easily assumed anonymous dog walkers were just part of the scene!!! 😀

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