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Two year “cancer free” anniversary

Yesterday (February 20) was my two year “cancer free” anniversary.  Like most life altering events, the time since my diagnosis seems like only yesterday and forever ago.   Three women I  know have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the last year and a half.  I sat and talked with two of them at length.

We talked about the meaning of ER/PR, Her2, triple negative, Sentinel Lymph Nodes, ALND, mastectomy, lumpectomy, and a  myriad of other acronyms and terms that have invaded our vocabularies.

We talked of the feelings of disbelief and fear that invaded our lives, these unwelcome interlopers sneaking into our thoughts at every turn.

We talked about deciding on treatments and the possible side effects of said treatments.

We talked about our families.

We cried.

And we laughed.

Yes, even in the midst of such turmoil, there is laughter.  And beauty. And all the things that were there before diagnosis.  Sometimes you just have to be reminded of them.

Yesterday was my two year “cancer free” anniversary.  Scott and I talked a bit about the events of the last two years.

He made me laugh, describing some events of the day.

We celebrated by eating ice cream.

Yesterday was my two year “cancer free” anniversary.  I took the bus to a doctors appointment. (Since diagnosis, I get “nervous” before any doctors appointment.  My blood pressure goes up.  I have to practice meditative breathing.) For most of the 25 minute ride, a woman sang hymns. The bus was as quiet as a packed bus could be. The tension flowed out of my body. By the time I got to my stop, I was the calmest I have felt going to the doctors in the last two years.

I was lucky to be on that bus, at that time, with that women.

It was beautiful and calming and I saw and felt that beauty.

Yesterday was my two year “cancer free” anniversary.  Next year I will celebrate my three year “cancer free” anniversary. There will be beauty and laughter and I will experience both.

A few photos from the polar bear plunge Jan 1, 2015 – My way to start the new year.  Way out of my comfort zone!