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Happy New Year!

Wow!  What can I say about 2013 that you don’t already know?  It was a year that I don’t care to ever see again.   2013 stretched my emotional, mental and physical being to points never before experienced.  As I reflect on these past months, I realize that I can be stretched further and longer than I ever imagined.

When I teach stretching exercises, I always instruct my students to find an anchor point from which to stretch.  I had many anchor points this past year.  They kept me grounded.  Without them I would still feel as if I were in that snow globe, swirling in circles, not knowing up from down.

There are so many people I have to thank for being anchors.  I thank the trainers and instructors at Island Fitness who took such good care of my clients and taught so many of my classes over the last months.  I thank all my friends who cooked meals, sent me amazing gifts and cards, listened when I needed an ear, walked Twix, helped me move (In a skirt and heels no less), and went with me to chemo and radiation:  Roberta, Michael, Alexa, Jeanne, Eileen, Diane, Cindy, Tim, Veronica, Buffy, Rosemary, Jim, Tina, Robin, Sarah, Scott, Susan, Sandi, Pam, Vicki, George, Susan, Jerry, Lynn, Daphne, Bill, Tanya, Cheryl, Brenda, Cristy, Trude, Amy, Dee, Mary Lynn, Cheryl, Ruth, Janie, Bob, Nancy, Nanette, Cynthia, Maddie, Nicki, Sue, Julie, Nancy, Wendy, Janet, Dick  and anyone else I may have missed, I thank you.

My family has been amazing!  Jan, my mother in law, made sure our house was clean, provided surprises inside cards for incidentals and always checked in to see how I was doing and if we needed anything.  My siblings, Christine, Claire, Diana and Edward visited from the East Coast and took great care of me while they were here.  When they couldn’t be here, they called and texted on a regular basis.  My Aunt Mary sent cards and called at least once a month.  Fiona went with me to appointments, sat with Scott during one of my surgeries and called to check in to see how things were going.  Rachel watched and walked Twix, went to radiation with me and helped whenever we asked.  David made sure I got to the hospital safely when I got sick, took me to chemo and radiation, and called and stopped by on a regular basis.

Scott has been my biggest anchor.  He has been to all my doctor’s appointments, surgeries, and procedures.  He went with me to chemo and radiation.  He changed bandages and stripped drains.  He hugs me, holds my hand and makes me laugh.

Yes, this has been a trying year.  But I am so thankful for all the anchors in my life.   The great thing about anchors is that you can reel them in, put them in the boat and take them with you. These anchors will travel with me for the rest of my life.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2014!

A few pictures of our renovations and a piece of art Rachel made for us.  The street names are all the places that Scott and I have lived.  Main Street is the address of James Madison University where we met.  Pratt and Hill streets are in Baltimore, Maryland.  Riptide Square is in Sterling, Virginia.  Blue Wave Court and Harbor Square Loop are on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

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