Out of surgery…

…and it was worse than we thought going in.  It turns out that a bunch of nodes were positive for cancer so they came out.  Positive nodes takes us down the road of chemotherapy.  How much, what it is and all that is still unknown and will take some time to figure out.  Then she’ll have radiation, too.

They are going to keep her in the hospital for the night.  I should be able to get her home tomorrow morning.

I’ll post again when there is more information.

The surgeon was surprised – again – by what she found.  None of this has gone like anyone expected.  Loretta deserves a break.  She gets strength from all of you so your continued support is very much appreciated.

22 thoughts on “Out of surgery…

    1. gretchen seifert

      Ditto the love, hugs, prayers, Loretta. They are really piling up for you.
      This is a GOOD thing!!
      xoxo Gretchen

  1. Nicki McCraw

    Which floor are you on? Are you okay with me letting our Chief Nursing Officer know so she can keep an extra-good eye on her?

  2. Julie Richards

    What a day, Scott — you must be exhausted. We are thinking of you both. I don’t like pink anymore either.
    Love and hugs

  3. Katie Sweeney

    Loretta, you are in every good thought I can think. And hoping you’ll let me know if there’s anything – anything at all – that you might need. XOXO

  4. Cindy Mae Estep Lawrence

    Sending love, peace, hugs, peace, and more love. Praying that y’all get some good, deep sleep tonight. Praying that you find that unbelievable freaking crazy ass fight that you have inside just waiting for a chance to come roaring out!! RWWWOOOAAARRR!!! Go get that shit!!!!

  5. daphne

    Damn Damn Damn and Damn!
    Another friggen bump in the road — we hates it
    Love and Hugs and more love and more hugs and a virtual storm of healing thoughts and prayers
    Anything your heart desires, that is within my power – just whistle

  6. Tim

    OK Loretta, this is a bump in the road… But you’re a Bainbridge driver! So, you’re used to handling bumps, and you know there’ll be a gorgeous sunrise ’round every bend. I’m working on a heap o’ really crappy jokes.

  7. Deanna Kaulay

    OK, this sucks. But you climbed Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams and walked 3-Days and have given support and unconditional love to everyone who needs it and now its your turn to lean on the people who love you. I’m available 24/8 for whatever you send my way. And I’ll pray everyday and read your blog for updates. Take care of you now. I love you. Dee

  8. Jackie

    I covered your class today Loretta, it was a bit somber. I think they thought that was an excuse for not working hard – so I pushed them to work for YOU today. You may see some of them in the hospital as you leave.

    Joking aside. Big encouraging, loving hugs for a community that truly loves & respects you.

  9. Your Boyfriend

    I’m not a very religious person, but I know someone is looking over you and your family. May you have the strength to beat this! You have a very loving and caring support group of friends. And you have your best friend, husband and lover Scott beside your side.
    Bless you and your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers – always.

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