Airing out the pits


Until today, the right arm had never* been above the head. The surgeon said it was okay so that’s almost all she does. Loretta is thrilled. I’m a little embarrassed. She was quite the sight on the boat ride home. *After surgery, that is.

12 thoughts on “Airing out the pits

  1. Elizabeth Churchill

    But just think how much fun that boat ride would have been if they’d taken groinal nodes and she was kicking both legs above her head the whole trip.

    1. Loretta Stanton

      NO! The other one is nice though. Can’t shave til drain is gone. I still have to cover that pit in plastic when I shower. It has not seen razor, nor soap, nor even water for a while.

      1. Fed

        As I said: OPEN THAT WINDOW! (Half should be enough since it’s only 1 armpit not 2…….luckly!)

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