Thursday Morning Update

Spending the night in a hospital is, well, not restful.  Loretta and I both passed out at about 10:00 and woke up at the first major inspection at midnight.  It was a good nap.  After that it was touch and go as far as sleep.  The nurses and doctors here have been fabulous.  It isn’t clear how much of that has to do with friends in high places (thanks Nicki!) or if they are like that all the time – I suspect that they are like that all the time.  So no complaints.

We are resting and waiting for the pharmacy to get us meds to take home with us.  Once we have those, we will head home.

The surgeon and the associated cohort came through this morning and inspected their work.  They think they passed.  From outward appearances, I think they are right.

Loretta is doing fine physically, though exhausted.  Emotionally she is back and forth, She loves to read all your comments and is trying hard to accept that it is okay that you all care for her like you do.  She reads (or I read to her) every comment and I expect that she will have a lot more to say once she is home sitting on the couch with her Chromebook.

Next update we should be home.

9 thoughts on “Thursday Morning Update

  1. Christine

    Thanks yet again for keeping us “abreast” of the situation (that was bad!!! Lol). So happy you two can go home soon for some real “rest”. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. Pam

    I was thinking about you all day yesterday while I was cleaning the bathroom, bedroom and a very yucky refrigerator. Wow! You went through a lot …you didn’t need those nodes anyways! I’m glad you had a good hospital experience. You must be home and glad it is behind you. I am sending lots of love and a hug. I miss you too.
    Pam XO

  3. Elizabeth Wiggs Maas

    Hi Stantons, I’m thinking positive thoughts for you!! I had a grad school friend go through non-Hodgkins lymphoma recently and she learned quickly to accept the love and help from all of her friends – but I know it was hard at first! Just trust that your friends and family care so much for you, and like to feel useful. When my friend finally allowed herself to ask for help, I think it was just as much a relief to us as it was to her!

    I hope you’re getting some much deserved rest and getting some solid reading/TV watching in.

    Lots of love from Chicago! xox

  4. Nicki McCraw

    I’m sooo glad that you’ve gotten great care. It’s a huge place and folks can sometimes feel like they fall through the cracks, but we got a great team of at UWMC and they love what they do. I’m glad you felt some of that. Regardless, I’m sure you are ready to get out of there and get home. Loretta, I totally understand how hard it is to let folks take care of you and do things for you. I’ve got a healthy dose of that streak in me, too. But, let us. If nothing else, it gives us something to do and lets us feel helpful. Take good care. Thinking of you both a lot.

  5. Tom Moench

    Now that you are heading home I am going to breakdown and bake Some Munchkin Magical Medical biscotti . They’ll put you back in the pink!

  6. Linda Long

    Hey Loretta – your Thursday morning spin class dedicated all of our collective energy to your recovery under Jackie’s guidance this morning! I swear, Cheryl and I spun those stationary cloppers all the way to NJ (which I’ve been known to do on my own before, when I’m particularly needing to vent, but this time I think the whole class might have gone to Joisey). A warm welcome home, Scott and Loretta!

  7. Mary Lynn Mounger

    Damn girl, you look great! I only make two kinds of soup really well and you’ve all ready had one. Let me know when I need to bring the pot out for the other kind or any thing else you and the family need.
    Welcome home!
    Hugs, Mary Lynn and Glenn

  8. Heather Burger

    Hi Loretta! While you and I don’t know each other well, our paths have crossed now and again. Jackie shared news of your surgery and blog and I just wanted to pass on my very best wishes for a speedy return to full health. We live in an amazing community of people who support, and share, and care. We’ve got your back!

    1. Christine

      It helps me SOOOO MUCH knowing Loretta and Scott have such amazing friends and wonderful support!!! It s VERY HARD being on this other coast!!! Thanks fit being there for ALL of is you guys!!! Love from Lotetta’s sister Christine!!! 😀

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