12 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. Jan

    Jumping jacks?! Well, if anyone can do it, our gal Loretta can! Loretta is looking pretty for that special Seattle dinner out. Thank you so much, Scott, for all the updates and good humor throughout this very hard day for you two. Sleep well.

  2. Aunt Mary

    It’s over! Another oxymoron! It’s beginning! First you cry, then you get mad and then you HEAL!!!! And you are up to healing already. I thought it was Sleeples in Seattle, not Dinner in Seattle or is this a sequel? Love the blog. I almost feel like I was there! Thanks so much for sharing. You are making all the rest of us feel better (again, a little backwards, but that’s ok) All our love.

  3. Eileen

    Okay, my favorite personal trainer with some huge tasks ahead! You will kick this things butt…of that I am absolutely certain! However, this morning I about had a heart attack when I read Scott’s post and realized that my “charge” for the day yesterday was home alone…all night!!!! Armed with paper towels and tons of carpet. Cleaner I flew to your house preparing for the worse! I opened your front door and lo and behold Miss Twixt was waiting.. At the door! Oh dang, I thought! I forgot to put the baby gate back on the stairs correctly! The mess could be even worse! I quickly got her leash on, ran out the door with her and proceeded to take her on the long awaited walk! After she did her thing, I started on the stroll. When I realized in my haste to let her out, I completely forgot to lock your door! So, heading back to the condo I turned the corner and recognized that the car I parked right next to was none other than David and Rachel’s car…. And upon opening back up your front door, I realized their shoes were on the stairs! So glad they were with her! I thought it was probably not a good idea to hunt around your home for little Twixt surprises…as I would probably be a unwelcomed surprise to Rachel & David!…so, all is well with everyone back home! Hurry back…we all need you!!

    1. Scott Stanton Post author

      Ack!!! So sorry about the confusion!! R&D took over last night at Twix’s dinner time. Thanks for being there!! I am sure that Twix thinks this is the strangest thing that ever happened.

  4. Julie Richards

    Good one, Veronica! While Loretta’s recovering, let’s start our own Sparticus self study group too. We can correct each other like she does so we won’t feel so lonely while she’s out. I’ll start. Okay, everybody — use your glutes and kegel!!

  5. Rosemary Shaw

    Loretta and Scott, Thank you so much for writing this blog. You will kick this f’ing cancer, Loretta. Like you’ve told me hundreds(?) of times over the years – “Be Done!”.

  6. Fed

    mmmmmmmmhhhhhh………I haven’t seen much improvement on the plan: the nurse must be Italian: start something and never get it finished….. 😀

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