Whistler Bound!

We are headed to Whistler for five days of relaxation!  A good friend and client has offered her condo to me for years.  This was the first time we were able to take advantage of such a great offer.  Fiona is home for Spring Break and this was a vacation we planned BD (before diagnosis.)  Scott and Fiona will snowboard while I do my best to rest up for the onslaught of chemo.

Speaking of chemo, the first round of AC is only four cycles given every other week.  I originally thought it was six cycles.  The AC will still be followed by 12 cycles of T given once a week.  Meaning that my November 13 tentative end date is moved up to October 16!

Our 30th wedding anniversary is October 15.  I think finishing up cancer treatment says “I love you” better than any pearl or diamond could! (Of course diamonds are really pretty….)

12 thoughts on “Whistler Bound!

  1. Christine

    LOVE YOU guys so much!!!! Have a BLAST!!! Build up your reserves!!! Can’t wait to see you in a couple weeks!!! WHOOHOO!!! YEEHAW!!! Cowabunga!!! Yippee!!! I’m so looking forward to being with you!!! 😀

  2. Pam

    Need restaurant recommendations?
    The Tube Park is fun and so much good walking! Have fun Loretta, you deserve it.

    1. Beth

      Haha I thought the same thing Scott! Maybe you can mix it up a bit and have matching diamond nose rings….that might be really pretty!

  3. Sue Drakulich (Diana's sister-in-law)

    Whistler is so beautiful. We were there a couple months ago and did a lot lf walking and biking. Just sitting on the deck and in the hot tub was perfect also.Get as much rest as you can for the next leg of you journey.

    I think a pearl with diamonds on the side would be the ideal gift!!!

  4. Angela

    Loretta. Have a wonderful trip w your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers every day. Love to you and your family.

  5. Kyanne

    Sounds lovely….Lots of thoughts and prayers have been coming your way from the Hawkins house! Love…

  6. Tom

    Yesterday morning with Daylight Savings beginning I was reminded of an incident this past fall just after Daylight Savings time ended when I was early visiting an aging friend at his assisted living center. When I prematurely walked in on him he was busy covering his “privates” with black shoe polish….I said, “Bob! – You were supposed to turn your clock back”.

    (ooopsies, meant to post his here).

  7. Nancy Walker

    Loretta, So glad to know you are in Whistler for a few days. If you have time, do stop in at the Chateau Whistler lobby/bar in the evening….great ambiance, drinks and decadent desserts. Thinking of you every day…….Nancy

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